Rick Wilson, CEO
KYN Capital Group

“We are building companies and products that empower the next generation” – Rick Wilson, CEO

Solomon Williams
CTO, Lead Advisor
KYN Capital Group
Don Yarter
Chief Strategist
KYN Capital Group

What is Pay.How
Pay.How is a Super App which converges peer-to-peer payments, merchant solutions, real estate, home services, ticketing to events, ride sharing, and a crypto exchange into a streamlined and rewarding experience.

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Software Agreement
Pay.How is a proprietary solution and architecture developed by our CTO and Lead Advisor, Solomon Williams. The technology created under his leadership is made exclusively for KYN Capital Group. His prior company, BidWilly, Inc(now known as BW Management), has led this development effort under a long-term licensing agreement.

Our software is not available for use by third parties and is 100% licensed to KYN Capital Group.

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Investor Relations
This product trades under the stock symbol OTC:KYNC.

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